Luxuriant and stylish, the restaurant at Stobi Winery is destined to become the center of gastronomic culture in this wine region. Our chefs blend their knowledge acquired in elite facilities abroad with making traditional dishes specific to this area. When combined with Stobi wines, the food creates a symphony of tastes and scents exclusively available at this place.

House specialties include white and yellow Galichnik cheese, made from traditional recipes carried on from one generation of shepherd to another, and painstakingly preserved by Mandra Galichnik. In that sense, the roast lamb available at this restaurant is by far one of the finest delicacies you will ever get a chance to taste. Homemade pies and traditional sauces will take you to a world of culinary magic and the subtlest scents from your childhood.

From Shopska to Caesar salad, from frutti di mare to beef steak porcini, from traditional Macedonian sweets to the best chocolate soufflé in Macedonia, come to enjoy the most refined combinations of food and wine at Stobi!

The restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, or at other convenient times with prior notice or reservation.