Our story

Wine is both the extract and the essence of the grape, whereas the grape is the essence extracted from the land from which it grows.

The old people said: "Tell me where you come from and I will tell you which kind you are." The grapes carry in themselves the soil and the climate in which they grew up. That is the soul of the wine. It unites the elements of nature with the power, wisdom and spirit of the people of the land. The vineyards where our grapes grow and the wine cellars where our wine matures are surrounded by the remnants of Stobi, the biggest city from the antique period in this part of Macedonia.

The plots of land planted with our vines have been home to ancient shrines, thus often the roots which are spreading their tendrils to find water, reach the layers under which the ancient buildings slumber in their eternal resting place. The tendrils of the vine, nested within the paved walkways of the underground streets and squares, the mosaics of the forgotten places and the ancient temples, imbibe in them the succor of the eras gone by and instill them into the unforgettable aroma of the grapes. The color and taste of our wines do not just mirror the exceptional Macedonian soil and its sunny skies, but also all the human, historical and spiritual force of its people which they have been investing in their vineyards and wines for millennia.

We keep the covenant of our ancestors. Through the wine, we unite the past and the future, the tradition of the old masters in harmony with the modern knowledge and technology, so to steal a small part of immortality and pack it in a bottle full of wine, a bottle full of passion for life.